Yes We Write in the Cannabis Industry

Whether PEO or Standard Market ToughComp is your one stop for your workers' compensation cannabis related business clients. With our unique mix of national and regional carriers as well as alternative markets ToughComp can fulfill your needs in this emerging market. With minimum payroll of $100,000 ($2500 premium for a PEO) ToughComp can look at the following classes:

Growing and Cultivating Operations:

0079 – Growing and harvesting in a field
0035 – Growing and harvesting in a greenhouse

Manufacturing or Processing Operations:

2172 – Cigars/cigarettes manufacturing
4825 – Processing the plant into a liquid or pill
6504 – Edible product manufacturing
4511 – Analytical Laboratories or Assaying

Selling or Consumption Operations:

8017 or 8018 – Retail or Wholesale
2003 – Bakery
8045 – Medical marijuana dispensaries

All we need to get started is the following:

  • Acord 130 complete with employee count by class code and all General Information y/n questions answered
  • 3-5 years of loss runs (New Ventures considered with owner's resume)
  • Drivers list MVR's Required (Delivery only)
  • Experience Mod Worksheet (if applicable)
  • Supplemental Application (Sent to you once application is received)

Don't see you class listed?
Contact your ToughComp representative to check.