ThoughComp is a workers compensation power house. We assists companies of all sizes, complexity, and loss history to find the right workers compensation solution. We excel at helping distressed accounts with high experience modification factors or high hazard work who are having difficulty finding affordable Workers Compensation coverage.

If you are looking for Workers Compensation insurance, this is the right place. We work with over 30 of insurance companies that offer a variety of Workers Compensation structures. From first dollar, to loss sensitive, to self insured programs and a wide variety of PEO options, ToughComp helps companies choose the right program that minimizes insurance costs. Workers Compensation insurance programs are available in every state except Wyoming, Washington, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Ohio

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Is TougComp right for me?

If the answer is yes to 1 or more of the following we have a plan for you:

  • Looking to Lower workers compensation premium
  • Non-Renewed by Current Carrier
  • Losses
  • Gap in Insurance
  • High Experience Modifiers to 2.9
  • Faced with Large Deposit
  • No Choice other than the State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • Paying Outrageous Premiums
  • 5-500 Employees

ToughComp is owned and operated by First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc., www.FFBinsurance.com, a licensed insurance brokerage.