Professional Employer Organization (PEOs) have been around for over 30 years, but only recently has a cottage industry within the almost 1,000 PEOs began focusing on client acquisition by providing Workers Compensation solutions that are just not available otherwise. Many of these PEOs have the ability set their own rates and have the flexibility to structure individual Workers Compensation programs, with small and large deductibles as well as retroactive rating plans.

In general, PEOs are enabled to provide outsourcing management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, all of which except for payroll (the delivery of payroll to the employees via checks or electronically) can be chosen a la carte. Some businesses are weary of PEOs, but they shouldn’t be as PEO’s offer enormous economies of scale and access to expertise in human resource management. By partnering with a PEO who can assume much of the responsibility of human resource management, the company can concentrate on its business. To learn more about PEO’s, please visit the National Association of PEO’s.

ToughComp has gained access to the majority of the PEO’s that source new business through promoting affordable Workers Compensation coverages. ToughComp is able to package company’s information and secure proposals for services from the PEOs that include the various services they offer along with Workers Compensation insurance. Ultimately, this alternative workers compensation insurance sturcture leads to lower worker’s compensation premiums, creates a pay as you go scenario so there are no year end audits, and lowers the oppressive upfront cost of state funds.

We are able to accept submissions in 45 states with premiums as low as $10,000.

Coverage Program Attributes:

  • No Premium Deposit
  • Pay as You Go Workers’ Comp
  • Pay Premiums as You Go Each Pay Period
  • No Year End Policy Audit
  • Typical Hard Dollar Savings Equivalent to 2-10% of Annual Gross Payroll
    -> Ex. $1,000,000 Payroll x 3% = $30,000 in Annual Savings
  • Employer Services Platform Included
  • Payroll/Tax, HR & Legal Support and Risk Management
  • No Penalty for switching plans

Several PEO’s also focus on difficult to place Workers Compensation programs. Businesses who have high experience modification factors, have employees in high hazard codes or experienced claims frequency and/or severity could particularly benefit from being insured through a PEO structure. State insurance funds are often the only option for these companies and now ToughComp PEO solutions offers viable alternatives. Some features include:

  • “A” Rated Carriers
  • 10%-30% Cheaper than State Funds
  • 50%-80% Less out of pocket expenses
  • High Hazard class codes accepted
  • Accounts with Loss Frequency are accepted
  • Account with Loss Severity are accepted
  • No Annual Audits
  • Pay as you go with Payroll & HR
  • 2-5 Day Turnaround

Target High Hazard Industries include (but not limited to): Staffing, Construction, Erection, Roofing, Masonry, Framing, etc, Trucking, Healthcare, and many others.

If you would like to receive a proposal for consideration, please contact us.